War Room Risk

Several months ago, a dear friend returned from a trip to Europe. While there he had the great privilege of touring one of Churchill’s War Rooms. One evening we got into a discussion about war rooms and about strategy games…

…And so a CRAZY idea began to germinate. Some months later, six of us put aside a full weekend to focus on construction and the first game. What resulted was the epic tradition of WAR ROOM RISK.

WAR ROOM RISK from Ben Connors on Vimeo.

I would love to provide thorough instructable style details here but I’ve delayed posting long enough. For now, here are the basics:

• Armies = super glue + army Men + poker Chips + spray paint
• Board = risk board digital photo + digital projector + Two 4’x5′ plywood pieces + sample paint + hinges
• Pusher Doohickeys = simple wood molding + drill + dowel Rod
• Game = liberally apply testosterone + silly hats + cocktails


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