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Who’s Ben Connors? I am, and I won’t be writing in 3rd person today. 😉

I’m a pretty enthusiastic individual.  I get really excited about technologies that bring people together, about the whole DIY/Maker scene, about science that expands the body of human knowledge and about making the world a better place, particularly through storytelling.

When I’m not trying to be so serious or profound, I cherish escaping in a good novel, zipping around town on my bicycle, tasting new craft beers, traveling outside my comfort zone, breathing-in the great outdoors and vegging with good sci-fi.

Whataya do? I make a living helping news organizations innovate. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of translating between english majors and engineers, but ideally it’s getting a diverse team ideating and executing together. I love to strip away buzzwords and techno speak and focus on how systems can help convey stories and reach audiences.

The only thing I like more than planning to captivate an audience is getting my hands dirty doing it. I’ve got a background in one-man-band documentary production. I write, produce, shoot, edit, make motion graphics and will occasionally even hop in front of a camera. I’m also self taught developer. I work primarily with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5 and a host of APIs and open source libraries.  My skill-set is always playing catch up with my imagination, and with the newest ways of communicating. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So what’s this website?

Everyone knows me as Ben now… but my real name is Benjamin. When I was a little guy…my parents referred to all my things with the prefix ‘benja.’ I had benjabooks in my benjabag I’d read them lying under my benjablanket. I don’t have benjastuff anymore. But when I decided to bring together all my digital content in one place it seemed like a natural choice.

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